contemporary Russian artist, based in St. Petersburg

Born in 1961 in Leningrad, USSRIn
1985, graduated from High School of Art and Design, n.a. V. Mukhina in Leningrad (now Academy of design n.a. A.Stiglitz), specializing in design.
In mid. 80-es, in Perestroika time, started to participate in exhibitions as a freelance artist.
In mid. 90-es, was the head of women’s art group Beloved Ones (using folk arts and crafts in contemporary art).
In period since mid. 90-es to mid. 2000-es also worked as journalist and art critic.
Curator of numerous art projects, as:
exhibitions Looking For The Lost Icon, I Love Money, Petersburg Neo-Expressionism, Bitch of The Century competition, Female Face Of Petersburg Art, Hand Made, Gold For People, Black & White Petersburg, Art Media Forumfestival, video programs Something About Power, Time &Place
since 2004 – educational program Contemporary Art in The State Hermitage Museum
since 2007 – annual festival on media art CYBERFEST and others.
In 1999 – 2001 was a Director of Museum of Nonconformist Art in St. Petersburg.
In 2003 – 2011 was a Director of St. Petersburg Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Art
In mid. 2000-es established media laboratory CYLAND in cooperation with Anna Frants (St. Petersburg Arts Project)
In 1987 – 1999 was a member of TEII (The Fellowship of Independent Experimental Art), now member of Free Culture Fellowship
In 2010 – 2011 was a member of Council of Culture Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg.
Since 2007 a member of European Culture Parliament.

Art works by Marina Koldobskaya are in The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Museum of Political History of Russia, St. Petersburg, The State Art Gallery of Tatarstan, Kazan, Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg, Collection of St. Petersburg Central Exhibition Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art of  St. Petersburg University, Center for Comtemporary Arts n.a. S.Kuryokhin, Kuoysei No Sato Museum, Fukuoka, Angerlehner Museum, Thalheim bei Wels, CSAR, Venice, a number of international galleries, corporative and private collections over the world.

The Blots, Gallery Lisi Haemmerle, Bregenz, Austria
Right To The Future, Museum of St. Petersburg Art of 20-21cc
Cats@Rats, solo show, Gallery Cub, Riga
EcoArt, St. Petersburg Museum of City Sculpture
Easy Style, solo show, Art Object Gallery, St. Petersburg
Duel, performance, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Most Simple Things, solo show, solo show, RozaAzora Gallery, Moscow

Most Simple Things, solo show, Museum of Avant-guard (Matyushin’s House), St. Petersburg
Bodensee Art fair, Gallery Lisi Haemmerle booth, Dornbirn
Stolen Sun, open session of wall painting, Navicula Artis gallery, St. Petersburg
Prototype#1, CAC n.a.S.Kuryokhin, St. Petersburg
Blossoms & Beasts, solo show, The Private Club, St. Petersburg
Geography of Happiness, Here At Taganka gallery, Moscow

After Pop-Mechanics,CCA n.a. S. Kuryokhin, St. Petersburg 
Blossoms & Beasts,solo show, RozaAzora Gallery, Moscow
Wiennacontemporary, Lisi Haemmerle Galerie booth, Vien
Cat & Rat, solo project on Art Vilnius fair, LitExpo, Vilnius
On My Way, event in parallel with 56th Venice Biennale, Ca Foscari Zattere, Venice

Cyberfest-2014, The Other Home exhibition, Bethanien Quartier, Berlin
AQUA Art Miami, booth of Roza Azora gallery, Maiami
Territory of Freedom, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Stamens-Pistils, solo show, Museum of Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg State University
Blood & Roses, solo show, gallery, St. Petersburg – Lisi Haemmerle Galerie, Bregenz
Art Bodensee, Lisi Haemmerle Galerie booth, Dornbirn
Capital of Nowhere, The State Hermitage Museum, International Educational Centre
Manifesta 10, parallel program, The Other Home exhibition, Frants Gallery Space, St. Petersburg
Art Vilnius 2014, solo project The End, Vilnius

Covered With Snow, Loft-project ETAGI, St. Petersburg
Contemporary Istanbul, Art re. FLEX Gallery, Istanbul
Capital of Nowhere, Ca Foscari Zattere, Venice
Art Moscow, Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
Hardly Any Blood, solo show, Art re. FLEX Gallery, St. Petersburg
Rose-Mimosa-Poppy, Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
The Crosses, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg

Resonant Matter, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Count Down, retrospective solo show, Museum of Non-conformist Art, St. Petersburg
Conversion Project, mural painting, St. Petersburg
Art Vilnius, mural painting, Frants Gallery Space booth,
Hunting & Gathering, solo show, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Total Contemporary Night, mural painting, Rizzordi Foundation loft, St. Petersburg
We Are Here, special project of 54th Venice Biennale, Ca Foscari Universita, Venice
Art Vilnius, mural painting, Frants Gallery Space booth, Vilnius
Black & White, PERMM Museum of contemporary Art, Perm
Black & White, Expo-88 Gallery, Moscow

Protozoa, CYBERFEST-2010, SPb Black/White, Modernariat Gallery, St. Petersburg
Black & White, Modernariat Gallery, St. Petersburg
Red Chips, solo show, Kremlin Gallery, St. Petersburg
Zen’d Art, 20 years of women art on post-Soviet space, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art
Shevchenko project, Gogolfest, Kiev
Road Sout, Psychonautica festival, St. Petersburg
Gold For People, Samara Art-Centre, Samara (Volga region, Russia)
Meninas, Erarta museum, St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Odditorium, Frants Gallery Space, NY
PLAY, ConcentArt, Dam Stultrager Gallery, Berlin

Cyberfest 09, SPb
This is LYUDA, Loft Project, Lyuda Gallery, St. Petersburg
Sea Level festival, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St. Petersburg
From Wall to Wall, Museum of Non-conformist Art,  St. Petersburg
Drumpainting, Brush-Srtoke. 3rd Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art – Art-Factory 2009, Ekaterinburg – Red Ice Project, Kuoysei No Sato Museum – Gallery2023, Fukuoka
Road South (solo show), Atelier N2, Winzavod, Moscow
Recycling, State Hermitage, Educational Centre, St. Petersburg

From Non-Conformism to Feminism, Russian women art from Kolodzei collection, Chelsea Museum, NY
Cyberfest 08, State Hermitage, Educational Centre, St. Petersburg
Roman Holiday (solo show), Lyuda Gallery, St. Petersburg
Birthmarks (solo show), Gallery 10×15, St. Petersburg
Rose is Rose is Rose, (solo show), Al Gallery, St. Petersburg
Sonicself, NY, Chelsea Museum, NY
Red & Black (solo show), DO-Gallery, St. Petersburg – Frants Gallery Space, NY

Architecture Ad Marginem, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Wordless (solo show), Belka&Strelka Gallery, St. Petersburg
Collage in Russian Art, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Artist and Weapon, M’ARC Gallery, Moscow

Agitfarfor-2  (Porcelain for Propaganda) (solo show), State Hermitage, Educational Centre, St. Petersburg
Piterskie, Central Art House, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Elki-Palki, Fine-Art Gallery, Moscow
Russia-2, Central Artists’ House, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Mimicria, Village of Artists, SPb
Thinking Motherland, Museum of Anna Akhmatova, St. Petersburg

Paradise Garden, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg
Katherine II – Mahtig aber auch Gross? Frauenmuseum, Bonn
Davaj! Vien, MAK – Berlin, Postfahramt – Art Museum in Cheboksary (Volga region, Russia)
Know Your Place,  Art  Moscow Fair, Paula Boettcher gallery, Moscow
Estestvo,  Lonnstrem Museum, Rauma (Finland)

Agitfarfor-2 (Porcelain for Propaganda) (solo show), MITKI-VHUTEMAS Gallery, St. Petersburg
Chechenia project, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Petersburg Out Of Control project, Art Moscow fair, non-commercial program, Moscow
Andy Warhol Week, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Art Media Forum, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg
Clone. Image. Event, Tallinn Print Triennial, Tallinn
Ostensiv, Paula Boettcher Gallery, B-2, Leipzig

Die Verwandlung des Roten Sterns. Soz-Art, Dr. Marina Sandmann Art Management, Berlin
Dynamic Pairs, Guelman Gallery, Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow
Paradise Apple (solo show), MITKI-VHUTEMAS Gallery, St. Petersburg
Art Against Geography, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Media Fest, Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
Heroes of Russian Avant-garde, New Academy of Fine Art, St. Petersburg

What Shall We Do With Monumental Propaganda?
Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St. Petersburg
I Love Money, Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St. Petersburg
Without The Wall, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Russian Miracle, action, State Hermitage, St. Petersburg
In Search of the Lost Icon, Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St. Petersburg

Timely Art, Museum of Political History, St. Petersburg
Fleurs de Mal (solo show), XXI Century Gallery, St. Petersburg
In God We Trust (solo show), Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg
The Shaman’s arrow (solo show), XXI Century Gallery, St. Petersburg

Art Moscow, Guelman Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow,
New Heraldry of Russia (solo show), Guelman Gallery, Moscow
Camouflage (solo show), Gallery 21, St. Petersburg
Zwischen Glauben und Aesthetik, Dr. Marina Sandmann Art Management , Hamburg,

My Empire, Solyanka Exhibition Hall, Obscuri Viri Gallery, Moscow
Layers (Collage in St.Petersburg Contemporary Art), Gallery of University of Maryland
Beloved Ones, Gallery 21, St. Petersburg – Centre for Contemporary Art, Obscuri Viri Gallery, Moscow

Self-Recognition of Woman, Ethnography Museum, St. Petersburg
Art Hamburg-93, Marina Sandmann Art Management, Hamburg

Der Weg der Ockerfarbenen Elefanten,
Karmpnagel, Hamburg – Theater-Museum, Sherbourg

What Isn’t Forbidden Is Allowed, a tour on USA’s university galleries
Nonna & Pasha, installation forRADIX project, Jubileyny Stadium, St. Petersburg

Strange Games of Leningrad Avant-garde. State Art Museum, Tomsk (Siberia region)
Strawberry Fields, State Museum of Fine Art of Tatarstan Respublic, Kazan (Volga region)
Zen. Woman as Object and Subject of Art,  project TEXT-VEIL Art of Leningrad, Kashirka exhibition hall, Moscow

Woman in Art, Exhibition Hall of  Regional Art Direction, Leningrad

40 Years of Non-Official Art, LENEXPO pavilion, Leningrad

Exhibition of Fellowship of Experimental Art, Okhta Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg